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Our Ethos

At Little Learners, we recognise that each child is unique and brimming with potential and that little ones are happiest when they develop at their own pace.

Our goal is ultimately to foster a curiosity and love of learning in an environment that is supportive and stimulating and that encourages self-belief.

Curriculum Overview

We offer a diverse and fun programme for 2-4 year olds that encompasses the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

Within this framework, we introduce a variety of structured play, activities, role play, songs and educational toys, to stimulate creativity and critical thinking.

As well as introducing colours, phonics, shapes and numbers, we also present different cultures and themes within learning. In this way, we not only promote an appreciation and understanding of the outside world, but also extend language development and communication skills.

We place a huge value on our lovely outdoor space, where games and activities support physical development and where the children can learn about nature through watching things grow.

All that we do at Little Learners is underpinned by learning how to share, be considerate and show empathy towards others. Ours is a place not only of self-discovery, but also somewhere where first friendships and new bonds are formed and often blossom.

Going beyond the Curriculum

We believe children are literally little sponges with a huge capacity to absorb information, given the right encouragement. This is why we like to extend our teaching beyond the curriculum. For example, we are one of a very few pre-schools to offer French lessons within our timetable.

We also like to encourage children to pursue their interests – so for example, if a child expresses an interest in dinosaurs, then we will do our utmost to develop this passion and extend the learning process, by looking at dinosaur pictures, through drawing and painting and perhaps learning the names of different dinosaurs or through story reading.

At the heart of our philosophy is a desire, not only to instil a solid foundation and thirst for learning within children, but also the confidence to go on and flourish at the next stage of their education – whether it is a nursery school or one of the local state, private or prep-prep schools. We are always at hand to help individual children prepare for formal school assessments, should it be required.

We would love to see you and meet your little learner.

We offer regular open mornings and offer free trial sessions, so please do get in touch.