By Emma on 15.06.2017

I wanted to write to thank everyone at Little Learners for everything they do for our little boy. Little Learners has transformed our son from someone who did not want to be left in a nursery environment to one who will happily skip in every day, a huge gift for him and for me! Any parent will empathize with how hard it is when their little one dreads nursery, cries at drop off or on the way... we had this at a previous nursery every day for over a year but since his first day at Little Learners this had never once been the case.

Sylwia and her term create a warm nurturing atmosphere that is, above all, positive and caring. There is a fantastic balance between nurture and kindness but with clear boundaries and I feel our son benefits enormously from this. His participation in 'sitting and doing' activities has really improved with this mixture of enthusiasm and encouragement alongside high expectations. He has fun but also seems to absorb an incredible amount... from knowing words to all sorts of songs to telling me the missing planet in our solar system chart!

The feedback we receive is absolutely invaluable, every day Humera, our key worker, will let us know how our son has got on and we get weekly updates on what the children are doing and encouragement to support and build on this at home. We had some concerns about behaviour previously and these have been handled incredibly sensitively, with gentle and none judgmental advice given on how we can back up the huge improvements they have made within the nursery environment. I feel our son has also really benefitted from the smaller group sizes Little Learners can offer and the personal approach to learning. Not only does he know his teachers well but also the other children; it is so lovely to hear them all calling 'bye' to each other by name as they leave and I feel the more intimate setting really helps them to learn social skills and foster relationships. Indeed, our son has recently been for his settling in day at Prep School and they commented on his confidence, friendliness and 'traditional manners', all of which I would pass the credit on to Sylwia and her team for.

My husband and I really could not be happier with Little Learners and we are incredibly grateful to them for their patience, positivity and personal approach. They have reframed our son's education for him but also for us - we have gone from feeling somewhat nervous about how our little boy would cope with school to feeling excited for him. I could not recommend Little Learners more highly as a happy, structured, personal and positive place to begin your child's school, social and learning life. Thank you all!

By Jaina on Little Learners FB page on 12.05.2016

My son loves attending Little Learners. The atmosphere is calm and friendly. The sessions are stimulating, well planned and demonstrate Sylwia's excellent understanding of the preschool curriculum. Thanks to his time at Little Learners my son is now more than ready for the transition to his school's nursery class in September. Thank you Little Learners!

By Debbie on Little Learners FB on 18.05.2016

Our daughter loves Little Learners. She always runs in with excitement and enthusiasm and we are so happy we found Sylwia and team. Thank you all for creating a fun and nurturing playgroup!

By Bridget on 07.06.2016

Having done the rounds with nurseries with my daughter I was looking for something different for my second child; Finding Little Learners was like finding the Holy Grail!! 

A loving, safe, fun and educational environment that offered drop off childcare; my son felt at home straight away and loves every minute that he's there. The benefits are very clear from how proud he is at showing of his learning!

I feel very lucky to have found Sylwia and her team, couldn't ask for better childcare. 

Thank you! 

By Katie

I cannot recommend Little Learners highly enough. Such thoughtful preparation of all the activities is clear and I have seen evidence already that my daughter is learning valuable skills through play and fun. The leaders, Sylwia and Humera have created a happy atmosphere and the children are clearly settled and confident in their care. One happy little girl equals one happy mummy! Thank you Little Learners.

By Penny

Little Learner's is perfect for my daughter of 2.5 years. Sylwia and Olga offer far more than 'childcare', the sessions are designed to be educational and Sylwia's experience as a teacher is evident in the resources she provides. Children are encouraged to be independent but also to take instruction and work/play together. It is so important for me to know that my daughter is being engaged and stretched, whilst also having a good time. 

By Frances on 12.03.16

Isobel's learnt a lot at LLs and absolutely loves it. I think you're offering something unique in the area - a fun and supportive learning experience in a nurturing home-like environment. It deserves to be a great success!

Alisa reviewed Little Learners Drop Off Playgroup5 star
· November 23 at 8:34am ·

Little Learners is a remarkable gem for toddlers in the Blackheath area. It's the perfect transition between play group and pre school. Firstly, the environment is warm and loving and a great way to experience first separations. The staff genuinely care about the children and the children can feel it. Secondly, the curriculum is brilliantly designed to introduce children to the idea of participating in education, learning to follow basic simple rules, turn take, cooperate and... engage in a supportive and kind atmosphere. Furthermore, little learners engage with the parents with weekly updates on the ever changing educational topics and ways to supplement the education at home. Our little boy thrived there for a year before getting into the local prep and with their support, developed so well both socially and educationally. He misses his teachers still and talks about little learners all the time. I wish they'd been around when our daughter was small. Truly wonderful. Highly recommended.

Rosamund reviewed Little Learners Drop Off Playgroup 5 star
· November 25 at 10:38pm ·

Discovering Little Learners is to strike gold; a playgroup setting focused on child-led learning and development, with a kind and positive approach to discipline. A broad range of teaching methods are used to help develop social skills and school readiness, with a rich provision of stimulation and resources for the children. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with Sylwia’s focus on excellence and current research in early years provision. Most of all, I love seeing Sylwia and her... team greet my son with joy and enthusiasm when he arrives each day; this has undoubtedly supported my anxious toddler to adjust to his first ‘childcare setting’. His report of “Mummy, do you know? Sylwia is a VERY kind person” is, I believe, what every parent desires to be their child’s perception of the people teaching and caring for them. I always feel the team are well attuned to my son’s individual personality, development and needs and they provide excellent communication about the children’s experiences and topics of learning, enabling a seamless flow of discussion and teaching at home too. Thank you Little Learners for all your hard work!

Janet reviewed Little Learners Drop Off Playgroup5 star
· November 28 at 3:08pm ·

"Little Learners" ,,,,such an apt name!....My son loves this playgroup! The staff are fantastic. They have high quality appropriate interactions that are warm and emotionally supportive. To me as qualified teacher the biggest resource is always the adults interactions and engagement with the son talks about all the staff at home. They have guided my son through potty training and really promoted his learning. I'm fairly picky about where he goes and this was my best move! Put's great! Love it! Thanks to all the staff.

My daughter Raffaella was one of Sylwia’s first students. She had never been left and was extremely upset and clingy. I can not sing Sylwia and her staffs praises enough. They were so kind and patient with Raffaella and me that it was so reassuring and I felt truly comfortable to leave her there. Within a month she absolutely loved it and would have gone every day if possible. She is now at reception but because we had already taken the step of leaving her for a short time... where she got lots of attention the transition into nursery was a very smooth one. Raffaella still talks about LL all the time and says it’s her favourite school, for me even now it’s the only School playgroup environment that I have felt truly comfortable leaving her. I can not recommend it highly enough.

Amii reviewed Little Learners Drop Off Playgroup5 star

· November 27 at 4:10pm ·

Sylwia has my details and I would happily talk to anybody that had any issues or wanted more information about experience.

Manuela reviewed Little Learners Drop Off Playgroup5 star
· November 29 at 2:37pm ·

I am a childminder and a fussy local mum of 2 whose son has been attending Little Learners sessions 2 days a week (mornings off for me!!).
I highly recommend the setting. It is spacious and filled with a variety of activities... but what i was impressed mostly was with the staff - every staff member is loving, caring and engaging! Well done to you all lovely bunch!